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Why Demanding Clients Choose Northwest Plastics

Looking for a company to bring your idea to life? Northwest Plastics has helped thousands of businesses fine tune their product design, or transition their existing product from other materials like Stainless Steel or Fiberglass to more cost effective plastic products. Let us put our 40 years experience into your product.

What We Do

Product Design & Development

You have a product design, and maybe even engineering drawings? Great! Northwest Plastics works with clients to bring these ideas to life, and that starts with product design and development. Maybe your design could benefit from minor tweaks that would result in a product that is easier to manufacture and assemble at a lower cost. Whether you have a design that needs to be tweaked to use the many advantages of the rotational molding process or have a concept or idea that needs to be designed and brought to life, our design and development team can assist you with every step.

Mold Prep or "Tooling Construction"

The next step in product design and development is to build a mold, or “Tooling” as we call it in the industry. Without the proper guidance in this step you can find yourself feeling overwhelmed really quickly. Our team works with you to identify the most efficient and cost effective tooling option. We source and project manage fabricated, machined or cast tooling from local and international suppliers. We leverage our longstanding relationships with quality tool makers on your behalf. We will help you specify requirements, choose the right contractor to supply tooling, review bids with you, and inspect the final product.

The Molding Process

The rotational molding process (also known as rotational moulding – depending on which side of the 49th parallel you are on) is remarkably simple, as most profound things are. Pigmented plastic beads are added to a mold or form, which is then heated in one of our ovens. The plastic part is formed as the beads melt and fill each of the hollows in the mold as it rotates in a seemingly random (but actually very specific) pattern. The mold is cooled, and the plastic part is removed. Great for short lead times, low tooling costs and complex yet consistent part production.

Is Rotational Molding Right For You?

Manual and CNC Trimming

We finish and trim plastic parts using our 5-axis CNC machine. Having a 5-axis CNC machine means it has the ability to trim complicated shapes without having to do multiple part setups as it has the ability to move on five different axes at the same time. This helps the cutting tool approach the part from all directions resulting in almost limitless applications possible. It also means the parts can be produced quickly and efficiently while maintaining accuracy. A process that can be endlessly repeated. A process that can accurately scale with the quality and manufacturing demands of your business. What does this mean for you? If it can be done, we can do it.

Custom Assembly & Testing

Having over 40 years experience means we have pretty much seen it all. No matter the material, size, timing needs or stringency of quality control; we do it all. Some parts need to be one-piece, others multiple pieces that fit together. Some need to be shipped in individual parts, others assembled. Some need to be simple, others very complex. Some even require complex design inclusions such as metal inserts, graphics, or even foam in the wall of the part. No matter what you need, our response is pretty much always the same: “absolutely, we can do that!”

Floating Great Ideas

Our process is profoundly simple; so what makes Northwest Plastics unique? What makes us stand out? Our ability to handle EPS foam processing is one of the things that does. We realized that there was a need to make large industrial floats. So we thought of an innovative way to make that happen! We custom designed, built, tested, and implemented a manufacturing technology, that has since become tried and tested. What does this mean for you? Simple: if we don’t already have a solution for your business challenges, we’ll build one!

Shipping and Storage

Another thing that makes Northwest Plastics unique, is our storage and shipping abilities. We are conveniently located on the Canada – US Border in BC, Canada. Every day we ship finished products locally, and around the world, and everywhere in between. What about in between production runs? We store and maintain our client’s Forms and Tooling. In fact, we’ve built our entire facility around ensuring we can continue doing so! Many other rotomolding companies charge for this, or expect their OEM Partners to arrange their own removal, storage, and maintenance of Forms and Tooling. It’s just a part of what we do!

Materials We Work With

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Cross-Linked Polyethylene
  • Nylon
  • PVC
  • PVDF
  • Anti-static material
  • Flame retardant materials

We Go The Extra Mile

  • Dealing with short-lead times when the customer is in a jam
  • Supply chain management
  • Being integrated with our customers at multiple touch-points:
    • engineering
    • supply management
    • opperations
    • senior management

Why Manufacturers Choose Northwest Plastic

40 Years Of Successful Partnerships and Counting

For 40 years Northwest Plastics has built lasting relationships with our Product Partners. In fact, in that time not a single one of them has left. Why? For some, it’s because we co-developed new products and applications that weren’t previously made of plastics. For others, it’s because we helped them fine-tune their product through our meticulous 3D CAD review. For others still, it’s because we helped produce low cost yet durable tooling off shore. But for most, it’s our “standard” worry-free approach of being able to leave the entire process in our hands. How can we help your business?

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Northwest Plastics is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. What does that mean, and why should you care? ISO 9001 Certified means that we have met the requirements in ISO 9001 as it relates to our Quality Management System. In normal human terms, that means we strive for consistent results while we continually improve our process. It means our focus is 100% on customer satisfaction and meeting customer expectations. To be ISO 9001 Certified means that we must pay attention to our Product Partners. It means our Quality Management System is appropriate and effective in meeting the exacting expectations of our demanding, yet happy Partners.

Maintaining Accountability

Final Specifications

Solid Foundation – Bright Future

The Northwest Plastics story is an interesting one. You can read all about our 40 years as a rotomolding company on our interactive historical timeline. You can read about how we established ourselves in the industry, and how Northwest Plastics became an industry leader. 40 Years, but we're just getting started!

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