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Rotational Molding Solutions

Reliability And Consistency Keeps The Streets Clean

For Waste Management Departement’s

Rotational Molding For The Waste Management Industry

More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Waste Management may not be the sexiest subject, but it is a necessary one. We live in an economic climate where Parks, School Boards, Cities, Counties and Municipalities have to do more with less. Residents, visitors and students expect clean, safe, and pleasing environments, but ultimately want to save money to enjoy them. If this is challenge you face, you will be happy to know we have been there, we understand, and we know how to help. We are experts at crafting sustainable solutions. We are fluent in "necessity meets aesthetics" and advocates for money saving long-term solutions.

Deep Integration With Our Partners

"Partnership" - it used to mean something. At least it did back when we first started using it 40 years ago, so it has a bit of a different meaning to us than most. To us it means sticking together, doing what you say you will do, delivering on your promises, and making it right when an opportunity is missed. This simple operating philosophy means that when we partner with you we are there to be deeply integrated in your process, making your needs, our needs. We routinely design cost effective, viable solutions with sustainability and aesthetics top of mind. Over the past 40 years we have delivered many different products for our Partners in the waste management industry including: labour reducing garbage receptacles, animal proof bins, hazardous waste containers, and tamper resistant lids. What's more is we think you'll be hard pressed to find a partner with more experience in your industry. Our team has delivered over 150 man years of experience between our design and development group, production management and supervisors. That's a lot of years! That translates to a team that can facilitate design, engineering, development and manufacturing of critical components, and deliver them from a reliable source with the track record to prove it.

Here's What We Do For Them

  • Aesthetics Integration
  • Keep Up With Demands of Industry
  • Adapt With Client Needs
  • Design & Develop Full Solutions
  • Reliable Delivery
  • Product Assembly
  • Inventory Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Tooling Construction

Not In The Waste Management Industry?

No problem, we work with many industries. Find out why industries approach us with their most complex business opportunities.

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