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Whether You Already Have A Product, Just a Design, Or Even Just An Idea

For 40 years businesses across North America have brought their complex challenges to Northwest Plastics for solutions. Whether you're looking to reduce the costs to produce your product already in production, or have a design but need help with manufacturing, or you just have an idea for a product, we are here to help. Bring Us Your Challenges!

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Who Is Northwest Plastics?

We are problem solvers. Our chosen medium for solving some of the complex problems businesses face, is plastic. Yes, it is remarkably simple, as profound things are. We literally mold solutions to the problems your business faces. How? It starts with focus, on you. We focus on understanding your needs and then focus on exceeding them in product arrangement, dependability of supply and personalized customer support. We take partnership seriously, and when we partner with a company it is not taken lightly. We act as Partner in Excellence to our clients and since no two partnerships are alike, we develop a support model for each and every customer.

Conveniently based on the Canada - US border in British Columbia Canada, we are conveniently located for easy distribution across North America, and worldwide out of the international port in Vancouver BC. Our vision is simple: be a strong, stable, and ever improving supplier to our Customers, while providing a safe, healthy, dependable place of work for our family of employees to grow in. As we act with integrity as a corporate citizen in our community, and environment. Our Goal? Strive to be the kind of company we would want to work with!

Why Northwest Plastics?

For 40 years we have built lasting products centred around lasting relationships. In fact, in 40 years we have never lost a client. A feat that could only be made possible by our dedicated family of employees working tirelessly to keep every client happy. We have gone above and beyond on more occasions than we could ever try and relate, but we never over-promise. We would rather under-promise and over-deliver, than let down a client. If it is important to you, it is important to us. Proudly our name has become synonymous with reliability, predictability, consistency, and quality of service and product.

What Makes Us Different?

The physics of what we do is really quite simple! We put plastic pellets in a mold, heat it up, and cool it off. What makes us different isn't the plastic products we make, it's that we are in the people business making plastic products! We are in the business of helping people solve their business problems. The business of taking peoples calls; the business of fixing it when we have made a mistake; and the business of fixing it even when we didn't make a mistake. We are in the people business making plastic products. Bring us your challenges people!

Your Challenges, Our Team, Problem Solved

Whether you are already doing rotational molding, or have the design and engineering, or even if you just have a concept for a product, Get In Touch, We Can Help!

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