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Rotational Molding Solutions

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Rotational Molding For The Spa & Wellness Industry

More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Northwest Plastics has been in the problem solving business for over 40 years. So it was no surprise when an industry we have never worked in - Spa and Wellness - approached us to tackle an ongoing problem of theirs. The customer was unhappy with their existing supplier because of consistent quality issues and repeated missed delivery dates. In short order, we were able to get a full understanding of the customers product and needs and we are working on designing a new product line with them.

Deep Integration With Our Partners

The result? We assisted the client with a tooling transfer strategy, we were able to take over multiple pairs of tooling, get them all production ready and through first article approval, all in a span of only one month. What did this do for the customer? Their quality expectations have been exceeded. Their delivery concerns have been abated with regular on time delivery since we took over. Safe to say, the client is happy as a cosmetician in mud! We take our partnerships seriously! When Northwest plastics partners with a company we are there to be deeply integrated in their process. We routinely design cost effective, viable solutions with manufacturability, reliability and consistency in mind. Over the last few years we have delivered many different products to our Partners in the spa and wellness industry including; spa parts and accessories, safety equipment, water holding tanks, and numerous applications around pools. Our team stands ready to facilitate your design, engineering, development and manufacturing of your critical components. Our reputation for reliability means we reliable delivery from a reliable source with the track record to prove it, no matter what industry you are in.

Here's What We Do For Them

  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Reliable Delivery
  • Short Lead Production
  • Product Assembly
  • Inventory Management
  • Tooling Construction
  • Tooling Storage & Maintenance

Not In The Spa & Wellness Industry?

No problem, we work with many industries. Find out why industries approach us with their most complex business opportunities.

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